“Can I ask you a question,” is something I hear frequently.

My response is always, “of course.” The question is often followed by further questions such as, “who does your book covers?” And, “who does all those neat promo videos you post on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook?”

Here are some examples of the videos and other graphics made for me by a very talented person –




Below is a banner for my Twitter timeline:


And yet another graphic below:

The list of examples could go on and on as she has done so many of them. I highly recommend her work to you and she doesn’t charge a fortune. I wish she did, she is Zabrina, my partner and I plan to marry her sometime soon so I ensure I have an in-house graphic designer 🙂

You can find her Facebook page by clicking this link if you need a quote for her services as a graphic designer.

As for my book covers, the beautiful Annoula has done all of mine to date. I love them and you can find her at Annoulacovers.com or by clicking through to her site here.


publications update

Hope that helped and please consider using Annoula and Zabrina.

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