The Books Go Social Best Indie Book 2018 winner was Ruby Loren with the delightfully titled book A Memory for Murder: Mystery (Madigan Amos Zoo Mysteries Book 6).

My book, Dilemma, was shortlisted for the award and I was delighted with that. I have congratulated Ruby on the BGS Facebook page and her own author Facebook page. She is clearly a talented and prolific writer.

I do love the blurb for her winning book:

A zoo abandoned for years.

An entire family vanished into thin air.

Everyone at Avery Zoo knows the story of the Abraham family’s disappearance. They were planning to open a rival zoo just five miles away from Avery.

And then one day… they were gone.

Seven years later, a new team of investors has decided to complete the project the Abrahams begun. When they contact Madi and offer her a consulting job, she jumps at the chance to help shape the future of the new zoo.

But when Auryn reacts to her new job with anger, she can’t help but wonder… how far would one family go to keep away the competition?

Madi is determined to find out what really happened to the Abraham family, but the old mystery proves to be more dangerous than she’d ever anticipated.

Someone doesn’t like the questions she’s asking… and they’re willing to do anything to keep the mystery unsolved.

Pick up this page-turner today and you’ll be up all night figuring out ‘whodunnit’!

*This book can be read as a standalone but is better enjoyed as part of the series.*

Why not take a peek inside?

Here is a taste of what readers think about this book:

I think this is the best of the Madigan Amos Zoo Mysteries. I enjoyed the suspense added to the mystery in this story. I was surprised to find that not everyone in the previous books were who they seemed to be and I’m not talking about Maddi’s ex-boyfriend Lowell who works for ??? Well, I’m still not sure who he is or who he works for. Maybe we will eventually find out who he really is! Thank goodness Maddi, her boyfriend and owner of Avery Zoo, Auryn, and best friend Tiff are all ok at the end of this adventure but we are left with tons of questions about where these new revelations will take this series. I was impressed how Ms Loren wove so much intrigue and deception into this book and am excited to see where she will take these characters.

Once again, from a fellow shortlisted author – congratulations Ruby!


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