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Heads up all you Bookfunnel users! This is a call for biographies and memoir authors. If you are not a Bookfunnel author but believe your book could be a fit, this is the link to open an account at Bookfunnel. You can register then use the link below to find all the details of this rare¹ promo.

This is the landing page below in two sections – upper and lower as I couldn’t grab the whole image. Authors will drive traffic to this landing page where all participating books will be featured. The readers click on the buy links.

Link to the Extraordinary Lives Ordinary People sales promotion. It is scheduled to run in early December, 2019 to catch the early Christmas book shoppers. The discounts offered will be on Kindle (eBooks) only. Those discounts will be decided by the individual authors. It must be a genuine discount or even a Kindle Countdown as this promo is ideal for Kindle Select authors.

Slots are limited so I advise asking to join as early as possible. Please note it is a sales promotion not a newsletter builder. It’s strictly for non-fiction biographies and memoirs. I replicate the requirements to join at the end of this post.

To give you an idea if your book is a fit, these are the early joiners:

My book, of course, as I am the organizer.

Next is Barflies by Carol James Marshall.

Then we have Torn Trousers by Andrew St Pierre and Gwynn White.

Finally, also 3 Seconds in Bogota by Mark Playne. Though Mark has yet to join in Bookfunnel but has asked to join our Facebook group set up to discuss the finer points of the promo before it launches. Please note no one else will be permitted to join that group unless they have first joined the Bookfunnel promo. 

These are the Bookfunnel promotion requirements:

Genres: Non-Fiction / Biography & Memoir

This promo is for Amazon book sales and requires a sales landing page for your book to join.

Hosted by Stephen Bentley

This promotion starts on December 01, 2019 and runs through December 08, 2019.

Discussion Facebook URL

Promo Requirements

A promotion for biographies and memoirs only.

“Extraordinary Lives Ordinary People” is an indication of the type of book featured in this promotion.

As a guideline only, check out my book on Amazon here

If you feel your book is a fit, please first of all apply to join the promotion. After acceptance, please join the Facebook group (URL in the Discussion link) by first answering the questions in that group.

If your book has received fewer than 10 Amazon reviews in all marketplaces, it makes it unlikely your book would be selected, but each book will be considered on all its merits.

It does not have to be true crime. if it is, then all the better.

This is a book sales promo for Amazon only. The promo will most likely take the form of at least a 50% reduction in your regular selling price for a duration of 3 days only or a Kindle Countdown if enrolled in Kindle Select.

Participating authors may be required to make a contribution to ads to promote this campaign.

It is beneficial if you have a mailing list.

Please share this promotion with your mailing list at least one time and on social media platforms as often as you like.

If you have any queries, contact me by email please.

¹ Rare as it is not often one sees a promotion involving a call for biographies and memoir authors.

Come check it out. Even better, come join us!

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