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Please help with with the book title for my new book.

I thought I had settled on Operation Julie: Inside and Undercover but now I’m not so sure. How important is a book title for a memoir? I don’t know the answer but I hope you can help. Indeed, how important is a title in general? Again, I’m not sure.

Here is how I see things. Operation Julie was a big deal to many people of a certain generation no matter which side of the law you happened to be. But does the inclusion of the operational name mean anything to a wider audience? Probably not.

However, the simple title “Undercover” with an appropriate subtitle probably makes it crystal clear what the book is about. Don’t you think?

And that is what the book is really about – undercover police work. What it is truly like, what I had to do, the scrapes and the humor and the scary moments, isn’t that what readers wish to know about? My book deals with all these issues and more. It deals with the effect working deep undercover had on my mental health, my life and career. It deals with my addiction to alcohol and drug abuse while undercover.

So, that’s my two cents worth. What are your thoughts?

You know what, your help is deserving of a reward. All replies to this post will qualify you to receive a FREE Amazon Gift Voucher for $20 if you comply with two conditions.

One, that you subscribe to my Publications Dates & Info mailing list.

Two, if you correctly answer the question I set in a few weeks time. That question will be added to this post and will be based on my About page. You will be notified by email of the date of the addition of the question.

Let me summarize the rules:

  1. Reply to this post using the comment form below and suggesting a title.
  2. Subscribe to my Publications Dates & Info mailing list (that’s down below too).
  3. Correctly answer a question about my About page – you will be notified in advance of the date that question will be published as an addition to this post.

Thanks for your help!


The title has been finally decided upon. But thanks for the input. Truly appreciated! Now for the good news!

The competition will carry on running even though the title of the book is finalized. Just follow the rules 1. – 3. above and you will be in with a chance to win!





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