The WitnessesThe Witnesses by James Patterson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I was intrigued by the BookShots notion from the famous author James Patterson. Intrigued for two reasons: one, I wondered how good a short novel can be and two, I wanted to learn something about story telling from a master as I am an aspiring novelist.

It did what it said on the “tin” in that it was a page-turner of sorts but I can honestly say it wasn’t something that I could not put down. In fact, I read two full-length books between starting and finishing this one. Obviously, the author and his assistants know how to craft a story and this had all the ingredients as you would expect. But for me it was like reading a comic book without the pictures. I also felt a little cheated as the characters were not fully developed owing to the limitations of a word count.

As a commercial venture no doubt this BookShots series has been successful and I suppose eventually “dumbing down” had to reach literary works as well as most other forms of entertainment in the modern world. If it achieves the aim of getting more people to read books, then fine but it’s not for me as I will not be reading another in this series.

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