The Killer Collective (John Rain, #10)The Killer Collective by Barry Eisler
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A new author for me and it won’t be the last book by Eisler I read.

Simply thrilling. A stunning book. The author’s background stood out like a beacon. It was all so based on plausibility. Yeah, I know, it’s fiction but novels disinterest me if there’s no basis in fact or the real world for what is written on the page. I like that feeling of ‘you know what, that could be true.’

The characters are superb. The locations are described with just enough subtlety so as not to bore but imbue the reader with a sense of being there.

The fight scenes are written by a master. Some of the best I have ever read. Eat your heart out, Lee!

The whole book left me feeling utterly satisfied. Thank you Mr. Eisler. Great job!

I must add too that as one who attempts to write thrillers, his notes at the back of the book were an intriguing insight into his writing process. Thanks for that too.

Highly recommended!

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