A Spot in My Heart: Loving a Special Needs DogA Spot in My Heart: Loving a Special Needs Dog by Kelly Artieri
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Kelly Artieri has written quite an amazing true story about her pet dog, a Dalmatian, named Vinnie. It was a ‘special needs’ dog in that it was deaf in both ears.
Vinnie became a much loved member of the family and the story is told in an informative, well written way with an infusion of some delightful humor along the way.
The author is clearly a talented writer. The way she tells it (the story) is like her talking to you over dinner or coffee break. She has a light touch and a very personal way of getting her story across.
There is so much I learned from reading her book, not least about dogs in particular despite being a dog lover and previous dog owner. She has researched the subject matter well where necessary and does not bore the reader with a mass of technical information but simply inserts endnotes where appropriate.
There are other things that came across strongly in this tale. One is the high cost of caring for a sick dog and secondly, the callous attitude of some vets who have the temerity to call themselves professionals. Thirdly, it never ceases to amaze me that there is a snobbery existing in the doggie world.
I enjoyed the way she brought in members of her family into the tale such as her daughter and mother. They were truly entertaining passages. I also loved the vision of Vinnie sat in the family car, belted in, drawing admiration from onlookers and generally acting like British Royalty as he acknowledges the attention of the crowd.
Kelly’s book is part funny, no, downright hilarious, part educational and part sad. It should be on a mandatory reading list for all would-be dog owners. It contains some sage advice.
Highly recommended albeit a little on the brief side but still worthy of a five star review.
I received a free advance review copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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Below is a photo of Vinnie in his favorite position 🙂

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