Planet Police (True Stories)Planet Police by Natalie Vellacott
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An enjoyable read! I was unsure what to expect from Natalie Vellacott in this book having recently read her first book, ‘They’re Rugby Boys, Don’t You Know?’ Although ‘Rugby Boys’ is a great story (and sad), it suffered from a debut author’s writing style. This second book was a huge improvement in style and was so easy to read. It was both informative and treated with a mostly light touch.

The remarkable thing about this account is that Natalie’s police career was unremarkable. I mean no disrespect to her. Her career took her through the early uniform days into a detective role that she coveted. The account was remarkable because it so well illustrated her normal policing activities, the good and the bad days. It also accurately described the frustrations she encountered along the way particularly in dealing with police bureaucracy. On that last issue, it appears nothing has changed much since my own days as a detective in the UK.

My own former career as a detective is what drew me to Natalie’s books in the first place. Plus, the fact I now live in the Philippines, the location of her ‘Rugby Boys’ book. I found this latest book to be a useful insight into modern-day British policing. Things have certainly changed a lot over the years, some for the good and some for worse.

The overriding thing I took away from this book is the thought that Britain’s police can ill afford to lose the talents of the likes of Natalie Vellacott. She was clearly an intelligent officer with a flair for policing and seemingly well respected by all. I appreciate that she chose to leave to pursue her missionary work. It strikes me as a pity that some compromise could not have been made to permit her to try out both callings simultaneously.

I recommend this book. I received a free copy of the book from the author in return for an honest review.

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