Self-Publishing and Libraries: What Librarians and Self-Publishers Need to KnowSelf-Publishing and Libraries: What Librarians and Self-Publishers Need to Know by Denise Weldon-Siviy
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This is a most informative book and essential reading for authors and librarians alike. It is packed with facts and figures and has clearly been well-researched.
The author is a self-published author and has a background as a librarian, It is well written with a clear explanation of technical terms used by librarians. Yet, its main value is exploring the state of the publishing industry in 2017. As a self-published author, I have found rock solid information hard to come by. Why is this so important to the likes of me and many thousands of others who take their writing seriously? Easy and truthful answer is that we have to market our own books. It’s not only indie authors who do that in 2017 but also many traditionally published authors save for the elite few.
Although primarily aimed at the library aspect of self-publishing, the book contains countless nuggets of information.
As I say, it is well-written and researched and the author’s easy writing style, humorous at times, makes it such an easy read.
I wish to offer my sincere thanks to the author for writing this book. It was enlightening, educational and informative. Thank you!

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