November Fox, #1. Following Joy - A Metaphysical Visionary FableNovember Fox, #1. Following Joy – A Metaphysical Visionary Fable by E.E. Bertram
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Different and Fascinating!
This is an excellent read. As books go, it is both different and fascinating. Fascinating because it transports the reader into an imaginary world full of great characters including the main character November Fox.
The story is mainly told by ‘The Architect’ who keeps a watchful eye on November ever since she was taken to an orphanage after being abandoned in the woods.
It is also told through the eyes of November herself and Erica. The tale is one of a journey through time and strange places where November learns about herself mainly through the assistance of ‘Joy,’ a magical cube.
There are also some other delightful characters such as Klaus the bilingual elephant that loves cake!
The subtitle makes a claim of the story being a visionary fable. It is not hype. I liken it to a modern Aesop’s Fable as it is riddled through with morals and the suggested keys to living a fulfilled life. It is a book that is both entertaining yet makes the reader think about him or herself in the modern world. It is both spiritual and philosophical. Indeed there are references to Nietzsche and depending on your own beliefs, there could also be references to Christianity.
The blurb draws comparisons to Alice Through The Looking Glass. I would not disagree. It also reminded me of ‘The Wizard of Oz.’
Now for the nit-picking: the first is a minor point – it is the British Gas man not the “British gas man.” My guess is the editor is not British. Sticking with editing, I found the use of both British/Australian and US English annoying.
My other source of annoyance was the use of “but I digress” by The Architect. I understand why (to fill out a back story) but it was over used and became an irritant.
Final nit-pick is the supposedly innovative use of the “augmented experience.” Maybe it works for some but not this reader. I wish to be entertained by reading a book. I have no wish to be diverted to another space in the web to indulge the author. In any event, how can that possibly work if you are reading the paperback version?
Back to the plaudits – a seriously well-written book and a fascinating story despite the lack of conflict. The potential for conflict is present and hinted at but I have the feeling the author is saving that up as a surprise for the remainder of the series.
E.E. Bertram, you have my attention and I look forward to Book 2.

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