My review of How To Gain 100,000 Twitter Followers: Twitter Secrets Revealed by An Expert (HTG100K Dare 2B GR8 Series) Kindle Edition
by M LeMont (Author)

As an author, I need to make my voice heard on social media. A lot of work goes into writing my books and it’s natural I want people to read them. I have no publicity machine or large budget behind me so social media is key in promoting me and my books as a brand.
I had a dormant Twitter account for years before I started writing then got more active as I promoted my books. I thought I was starting to get the hang of Twitter until I read this book by M LeMont. I am delighted I did because even after a few days of putting his methods into practice, they really do work!
Make no mistake Twitter is important whether you have a book to sell or any other product or service. I already know readers were buying my books before I read LeMont’s book and that was with a meagre 3000 or so followers. How? They told me and Tweeted it!
Now, I aim to attract 100k followers and hope to see my book sales soar. But, you know, the methods in the ‘Twitter Bible’ aren’t just about selling. It’s how to create a brand or awareness. It’s not simply about YOU!
The other thing I love about this book is the author’s take on life in general. Much of that resonates with me having had similar experiences in both my business and personal life.
This book comes highly recommended to anyone wishing to be serious about Twitter. Thank you, @MisterSalesman AKA M LeMont.

Permit me to add that this book really does work but only if you follow the blueprint and make the effort. That effort need not take up all of your time. It may be a good idea to read this piece of mine about social media time management. Also, if you subscribe to my newsletter you will receive a FREE eBook on the same topic.


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