Death Votes Last (Jeff Trask Crime Drama Series, #5)Death Votes Last by Marc Rainer
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All you need to know about this book and its four predecessors is I read them in about one week flat thanks to Kindle Unlimited. All five in a week. I devoured them. They were simply brilliant and “unputdownable.” I was also pleased to learn that #6 is currently a work in progress.

If ever a book or book series deserved to be the subject of a TV drama, probably a series, then these books should be it. It would be a series on a par with The Wire.

When I reviewed #1 in the series I extolled its virtues. The same applies to #5 and all the numbers in between. In a book series, I find so often that the quality is not maintained throughout that series. That is not the case with author Marc Rainer. Trust me, he is an author to watch and follow.

The characters are real, they talk the talk, and walk the walk. The plots are realistic and so well paced. The dialogue is a delight and contains some real gems of humour.

If you haven’t yet tried these books, what are you waiting for? You will not be disappointed.

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