Choice Cruise LinesChoice Cruise Lines by Jack Kregas
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Wow! I loved this first novel by Jack Kregas and it left me wanting to read more of his books. I had previously read his autobigraphy ‘It’s All About Me and a few others.’ That gave me an insight into his character and I guessed he was a natural story-teller. This book confirmed all of that and more.
Primarily, I read a novel to be entertained. This does that in spades. I found it easy to read and to use that well-worn cliche, it was hard to “put down.” In fact, I finished it inside three days.
The characters were well fleshed out and a most interesting motley crew they were. The plot line was different to say the least and it was clear the author had done his research on the medical and moral issues raised by the main theme of the book.
Clearly, Jack draws on his interesting life experiences in telling his tales. He does it in such an easy way and is one of the reasons this book is so enjoyable and readable.
I look forward to reading more of Jack’s books. I am now a fan!

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I have previously reviewed Jack Kregas’ autobiography It’s All About Me and a few others here. In addition he was one of the first author interviews in my Author Spotlight series.

You may also read my review on Amazon.

Have you ever asked yourself what you would do in a health crisis? This engaging novel has you and the characters asking the question many times over. Normal people dealing with the many ups and downs in life are suddenly faced with a more soul searching decision. In the end, it comes down to individual values that will affect each one of us in the lives we lead. The novel twists comical situations with pleasures and fears into a controversial ending that will provoke thought long after it has been read. Choice Cruise Lines takes the reader to a place most of us will arrive at without an exit strategy. It takes planning to book a passage.

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