I interviewed author Caroline Walken some time ago now. I thought it was about time I read one of her books.

Behind the FanBehind the Fan by Caroline Walken
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Behind the Fan by Caroline Walken
This was both an intriguing and fascinating story and so well-written by author Caroline Walken.
I stepped outside of my normal reading genre to try this book. I’m delighted I did.
The concept is not an easy one to pull off but the author did it in style. She uses flashbacks in time to tell the story; not a new idea, of course, but she gets it spot on.
It is essentially the tale of Dorothy (Dottie) Kennedy-Denham. She is now one hundred years’ old and her granddaughters are thinking of having her moved to a care home. Dottie has other ideas and knows her task in this life isn’t yet finished.
That task is “educating” her daughters and granddaughters as to what really counts in life. She also needs to teach them to be strong women and help them be as happy as she was with the true love of her life, Nicky.
The ‘retro’ scenes are a delight. We are taken back to a ‘golden age’ in America of burlesque dancers, smoky night clubs, jazz singers, fedoras, gangsters, bootleggers, bookmakers, and women who wear silk stockings.
A beautiful story, beautifully written. Highly recommended.

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