Books By Stephen Bentley

Books By Stephen Bentley

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Undercover: Operation Julie – The Inside Story (2nd edition) is enrolled in Kindle Unlimited so if you have a subscription, you may read it through KU.

I have republished the 1st edition in digital format only as simply ‘Undercover’. It may be purchased through using this link at Books2Read. It’s available at Apple iBooks, Kobo, Playster, and other online stores. That digital version also retains the original book cover as seen below.


Republished First Edition Cover

Translated editions of ‘Undercover: Operation Julie – The Inside Story’ are also available through Amazon.

Undercover: Operation Julie – The Inside Story

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An Amazon UK #1 Bestseller on at least six separate occasions in four distinct categories since first published.

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Masterfully told by undercover officer Stephen Bentley, this isn’t a run of the mill sensationalist true crime book. Dive underneath the visible parts of the water and into the murky depths as you are pulled along through not just the operation but the aftermath, both personal and public. A must read for true crime lovers and historians alike. I cannot recommend this book enough. It was a very enjoyable read. – Book Review

Amazon UK #1 Bestseller in three separate categories on three separate occasions since first published [Edit: now four as on 30/06/2018]

Operation Julie is still today the point of reference for all British undercover operations and training. In 2011, the BBC claimed this massive and unique police operation was the start of the war on drugs.

Stephen Bentley was one of four undercover detectives engaged on Operation Julie, one of the world’s largest drug busts. Together with his undercover partner, he infiltrated the gang producing around 90 percent of the world’s LSD and uncovered a plot to import huge quantities of Bolivian cocaine into the UK. The underworld knew the author as Steve Jackson.

How did he successfully infiltrate the two gangs? Did he have to take drugs, and how did ‘living a lie’ affect him? Discover the answers and get inside the mind of Steve Jackson, undercover detective.

“An insider’s perspective of the drug trade, told with charm, intelligence, and at times humour, by a talented man, uniquely qualified to dish the real story.” – Review Excerpt

“This is no TV crime drama where the good guys and the bad guys are easily identifiable and where the crime is solved in an hour of air time. In the real life story of Operation Julie, the defining lines are not so clear and I found myself intrigued by the friendship that developed between Mr. Bentley and one of the men he was investigating, wondering just how he would resolve this difficult situation when the final denouement took place.” – Review Excerpt

“Fascinating insight into the murky world of undercover police work and the even murkier world of drug dealing. Stephen Bentley is brutally honest, and comes over as an engaging if slightly flawed character. The writing is good and the tale is fast paced and keeps you gripped, the characterisation is excellent.” – Review Excerpt

“Brilliant book, I couldn’t put it down and was gutted to finish it last night. Wonderfully written. It provides an insight into life in the late 70s and the expectations placed on undercover officers at the time. A must-read, you won’t be disappointed.” Liz – Amazon UK Review

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Who The F*ck Am I? (Steve Regan Undercover Cop Book 1)

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This surely has to be a first? Crime fiction about an undercover cop written by a former undercover cop!
Introducing Book 1 in the Steve Regan Undercover Cop Series of crime fiction novellas

From author, Stephen Bentley, comes a fictional undercover cop, Steve Regan, following on the success of his true crime undercover cop memoir ‘Undercover: Operation Julie – The Inside Story.’

In real life and while undercover, the author met a Mafia-connected gangster who involved Bentley, the undercover cop, in a conspiracy to import huge amounts of cocaine into the UK from Bolivia via Miami.

The gangster was reported to have been dealt with by the DEA and sentenced to a 25-year prison sentence. But was he? And was he all he was supposed to be?

This is where the author moves from fact (memoir) into fiction (this book). Reading this book gives you some insight into the shadowy world of drugs and undercover cops. It’s a world many simply don’t know about.

Steve Regan, undercover detective, is tempted by the riches of drug smuggling so he can be free of debt, police bureaucracy, and help a loved one. He wonders whether he can go ‘rogue’ and cross the line.

Regan gets involved in one deal with a Miami-based drug lord. But is everyone who they say they are?

Short, suspenseful entertainment, from a writer who knows how to suck you into a story.

If you like hard-boiled crime fiction, there is nothing earthier or more realistic than the Steve Regan series. Crime fiction about an undercover cop written by a former undercover cop!

Book Two Steve Regan Undercover Cop now available for pre-order

Book One Customer Reviews

“Reading this book gives you part of that insight and I recommend reading it because there’s a world out there we simply don’t know.”

“Mr. Bentley has created an ensemble of truly realistic characters, pulled together in a gritty, pulsating crime thriller that I can only describe as a good old-fashioned page turner.”

“I really enjoyed the idea that this was written not from research, but from real life experience, the author was an undercover cop and also a barrister (now how many of THOSE are there…let alone those who also write about it later ?) I really felt I was getting an inside peek into a world I have not a clue about.”

“Steve Regan is an undercover cop. He and his partner, Red, are sent to infiltrate a large drug cartel and they soon find out that all is not as it seems. With lots of twists and turns, this book is like nothing you have read before.
The author is an ex-undercover agent and uses his experiences to write his books…This is a novella so quite short, but it really was good which, despite the title, had a 70s feel to it. I loved it and I am looking forward to reading more featuring these characters. Well recommended”
Breakaway Reviewers – Amazon Top 500 Reviewer

Dilemma (Steve Regan Undercover Cop Book 2)



Amazon Blurb

Book 2 Steve Regan Undercover Cop Series of crime fiction novellas, written by a former undercover cop, and author of bestselling memoir ‘Undercover: Operation Julie – The Inside Story.’

Steve Regan is back and this time he’s alone and undercover in a seedy area of Thailand on the trail of a Texan expatriate, Les Watkins, the biggest drug smuggler in South East Asia.

Using himself as the bait, Regan attempts to score a $50,000 deal with the Thai mafia in an effort to get closer to his target.
As he finds himself embroiled deeper into the operation, Regan suspects Watkins may be connected to Regan’s nemesis, ruthless Mafia boss Carlo Vitale, who has fled the United States following a triple bombing and assassination of three crime family heads.

Besides staying alive, Regan has other problems when he suddenly finds himself facing the worst dilemma an undercover cop can face.

Dilemma is an edgy, suspenseful tale with twists and turns plus a sprinkle of romance.

If you like hard-boiled crime fiction, there is nothing earthier or more realistic than the Steve Regan series. Crime fiction about an undercover cop written by a former undercover cop!

First excellent review is now in for Dilemma! Click here to read it.


Five Stars

Steve Regan, now known as Ryan, is undercover in Thailand, looking for a Texan named Les Watkins, the biggest drug smuggler in Thailand.

He is using himself as bait to score $500,000 worth of drugs from the Thai Mafia and to get closer to Watkins.

He becomes involved with Fon, a beautiful Thai woman and they both get involved in the dangerous operation.

Meanwhile, Carlos Vitale and Regan/Ryan’s nemesis is in Thailand fleeing from the US after ordering the death of the heads of 3 crime families.

When in mortal danger will he choose his new life or another alternative?

Regan is BACK!

I am so pleased Stephen Bentley has written another Regan story, I LOVE him!!

The first book ‘Who the F*** am I?’ was brilliant and I wasn’t disappointed with this one. Regan is still risking his life and wondering why he is doing it. The story is strong as are the characters. It made me laugh, cry and cringe (some scenes are wickedly descriptive).

The author keeps the story short and sweet with no padding and unwanted descriptions of the scenery; it is pure action and thrills.

I recommend this book and indeed the Regan series they are excellent and a real joy to read.


Breakaway Reviewers received a copy of this book to review Amazon UK – Top 500 Reviewer

How To Drive Like An Idiot In Bacolod

Only Available as an eBook

Amazon Blurb

‘How to Drive Like an Idiot in Bacolod’ is the story of the British expat author’s “road culture shock” when faced with the hazards of driving in Bacolod, Philippines.Those hazards are vividly described in this book.

He draws on his vast experience as a police-trained driver to offer tips in defensive driving in the hope it will help in surviving the chaos on the roads of the Philippines.

This book also addresses the negative impact of the author’s observations about the local road culture by highlighting the many “great things” about Bacolod and the surrounding area.

The book is aimed at expats, Filipinos and tourists alike.

A five star rating for a few reasons, firstly I read the book in two sittings – a good barometer to how readable a book is. Secondly and I say this as someone living in Bacolod – I recognise everything the author says about the driving here. Thirdly – the humour leaps out of the page at you and the reader can feel how the frustrations of driving here are dealt with a resigned humour. Lots of info’ about Bacolod and Negros island that will be of great value to anyone thinking of visiting here or even someone like me wanting to explore more of the area where I now live. The casual reader will also find it entertaining and I have no hesitation in recommending “How to drive like an idiot in Bacolod”. – Verified Purchase

Even though I live in the USA I found this book funny but true. seems like we share the same problems no matter where we live. – Amazon Customer

Translated Works of Stephen Bentley may be found below:

Undercover: Operation Julie – The Inside Story (Portuguese edition)

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