Exceeding All Expectations

My undercover cop memoir set in the 1970's is exceeding all expectations. It was a story in my head for something close to forty years when I finally, and seriously, got around to writing it. I had tried and given up a few times when younger. But once I had retired to...

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Why Authors Should Not Use Social Media

I read this post today on the TCK Publishing blog. It really resonates with me so I thought I would share it. As an author, you’ve probably been told that being active on social media will help you sell your books. And maybe you’ve been doing all you can to promote...

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Transforming Twitter Through Triberr

Transforming Twitter through Triberr ? What are you talking about? Let me show you. Some authors say Twitter doesn't work for them. It does for me but you need to understand it. One of the biggest mistakes people make on Twitter, not only authors, is to fail to...

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#Cockygate: Heroes and Villains

I know you are probably tired of hearing about #Cockygate. I have no intention of going through it all over again, chapter by chapter, blow by blow. It is well documented elsewhere not least in this brilliantly scathing article by Jenny Trout. The Hero It's also worth...

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Amazon Secrets and Authors

Let me make this clear at the outset - this is not an 'Amazon bashing' post. It's about Amazon Secrets. Indie authors have a lot to thank Amazon for as do book lovers in general. The publishing scene is a far better place since they revolutionized the publishing...

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Stephen Bentley, a freelance writer, bestselling Amazon author and Huffington Post UK blogger  from the UK, and a former barrister (trial attorney – nothing to do with coffee!),  police detective, sales manager, truck driver, motorcycle courier, etc., etc.