Book Review: The Plainview Lottery

The Plainview Lottery by Markas Dvaras My rating: 3 of 5 stars The Plainview Lottery: A Town Learns a Hard Lesson in Basic Economics Kindle Edition by Markas Dvaras (Author) This book started off so promisingly but ultimately lead to disappointment. I am not...

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Why Authors Can Be Proud To Be Indie!

I hear and read of so many authors seeking agents and/or a publishing deal. Why bother? Seriously! Allow me to explain why authors can be proud to be indie. I am. I am proud. Once upon a time I too thought it would be great to have an agent and a publishing contract...

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Twitter Basics & Lists For Authors

This post was prompted by my continued membership and participation in a Facebook group known as Real Lives, a team of authors who have penned biographies or memoirs. It is one of many author teams under the umbrella of BooksGoSocial. It became clear to me many...

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Stephen Bentley, a freelance writer, bestselling Amazon author and Huffington Post UK blogger  from the UK, and a former barrister (trial attorney – nothing to do with coffee!),  police detective, sales manager, truck driver, motorcycle courier, etc., etc.

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