Amazon Secrets and Authors

Let me make this clear at the outset - this is not an 'Amazon bashing' post. It's about Amazon Secrets. Indie authors have a lot to thank Amazon for as do book lovers in general. The publishing scene is a far better place since they revolutionized the publishing...

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FREE Can Be Good Sometimes

Yes, FREE can be good sometimes. We live in an age of marketing. Everyone is trying to sell you something. That includes me. Of course I want you to buy my books. I work hard writing them and believe they are good value for the money. To the point! Have you ever tried...

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Authors Are Humans Too

Authors Are Humans Too - what prompted me to write this post? Simply this - as creatives authors often worry and fret over the quality of their writing. I'm no different. I have to confess to going through a sticky period lately when the muse, and enthusiasm, deserted...

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Download Your FREE Audiobook

There is no catch! Read on and I will show you how to download your FREE audiobook. I guess I am a recent fan of audiobooks and not just because one of my books is now in that format. I listened to my first full length audiobook about one year ago and was impressed....

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Kindle Countdown – Amazon UK Only!

Time for you to grab a bargain! Undercover: Operation Julie - The Inside Story will be on Kindle Countdown on Amazon UK starting March 9, 2018. The regular Kindle price is £4.99. Here is how it works - 8 am March 9  £0.99 8 am March 10 £1.99 8 am March 11 £2.99 8 am...

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How To Increase Book Reviews

One of the most common questions other indie authors ask me is, "How do I increase book reviews?" This is usually asked by authors with no or very few reviews. All new books, whether independently or traditionally published, start off equal. There are no reviews. The...

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