How To Increase Book Reviews

One of the most common questions other indie authors ask me is, "How do I increase book reviews?" This is usually asked by authors with no or very few reviews. All new books, whether independently or traditionally published, start off equal. There are no reviews. The...

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Uncaged Book Reviews January 2018

I wish you all a happy and healthy 2018. Something a little different for my first post of this brand new year - Uncaged Book Reviews, a magazine all about indie authors and their books and more besides. It is the brainchild of Cyrene Olson and she does one fantastic...

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Author Interview with Joni Dee

An interesting interview today with Joni Dee, author of And the Wolf Shall Dwell. Joni Dee is the author pen name of a UK based young financial professional. Joni’s enthusiasm for thrillers in particular and fiction in general, has led him to write his debut novel...

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Stephen Bentley, a freelance writer, bestselling Amazon author and Huffington Post UK blogger  from the UK, and a former barrister (trial attorney – nothing to do with coffee!),  police detective, sales manager, truck driver, motorcycle courier, etc., etc.

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