Beware Cheryl Jenner … and her emails.


She, if it is a she, sends out hundreds of emails just like his one with the header Accepting Book Review Requests:


I hope you are well. I am a 23 year old student of English literature. I love reading new and exciting books. Right now I am on a break from college so I am accepting book review requests. I read all genres. If you want to get your book reviews please contact me.

Cheryl Jenner

No thanks and I’ll tell you why.

  • It is an unsolicited spam email
  • There is no unsubscribe link
  • I never signed up for these emails

In all likelihood she is a book pirate at worst or at best, a freeloader.

I have received the same email from her before. Funny how she always seems to be on a break from college 🙂

This is where the email ended up.

beware cheryl jenner

Clearly spam and probably some kind of scam or book pirating operation. Note the ‘bcc.’ That indicates she is working from a list and sent out the same message no doubt to  hundreds of other authors.

Cheryl Jenner is noted for this spam. There is even a Goodreads forum thread about her activities. See “I’ll Review Your Book” thread. 

Talking about Goodreads, I have a belief that is where many of these scammers scrape emails. Check out the forums and groups that deal with book reviews or ARCs. I bet you will see many email addresses there for scraping by the scammers.

So, what can you do apart from binning this crap in the spam folder?

Try this website called Spam Report eMail.

Yeah, that’s my entry¹. Now others will be aware of Cheryl and her email address.

Be vigilant. Report the scammers. If you do nothing they continue pestering the life out of us all.

¹ I did check the privacy policy on that website. It’s written in clumsy English. That may be a red flag but for the time being I’m going with it and let’s see if I get spammed but on second thoughts – I didn’t enter my email. 

You may notice I have spent quite a bit of time lately writing about scammers and freeloaders. I am seriously thinking of creating a ‘Trust Pilot’ like website for genuine book reviewers. 

Please let me know if that’s of interest to you as either an author or reviewer or both.

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