Beta readers needed. No experience required, just a love of reading books. Please help me if you can.

Any author, especially an indie like me, cannot do it all by himself. I need help. Are you willing to become a beta reader of my books?

For those unfamiliar with the term, it means will you read and give me feedback on my books prior to release?

You receive a free book. In return, I receive invaluable feedback from you, a loyal and trusted reader. I need honest feedback – I have a thick skin!

As a beta reader, you will get a credit – a mention in the front matter of the book. I may even name a character after you – with your permission!

Ideally, I also ask you are one of the first to review the book. I cannot emphasize enough how important reviews are to authors. Amazon rules are constantly changing so it would be incumbent on you to make it clear in any review that you received a free copy from the author for an honest review. Even better, if you decide to purchase it, as it then counts as a “verified review” on Amazon.

Times are exciting for me. There are so many things going on in the background, and you will be the “first in the know.”

For example, did you know my memoir recently became a bestseller on Amazon UK for the fourth time since first publication? It is now being translated into Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. Did you know it’s now available as an audiobook at Audible? You can download for free by clicking that link.

Understandably, I am also excited as the book has been optioned for a film. Currently, two well known British screenwriters are creating a script for a feature film based on his book. Once it hits the big screen, I plan to publish a special hardcover “film” version.

But back to beta readers, or my proposed “street team,” my newest book Dilemma is Book 2 of the Steve Regan Undercover Cop series. It is due for release on July 11, 2018.

beta readers

I have both Mobi (Kindle) and ePub (any other eReader app) files of Dilemma available for review purposes. Shout out if you would like to review it. It’s a novella thus a short read. Even better if you order it at £1.99 on Amazon UK or $2.81 on Amazon US.

Future books include Book 3 in the Steve Regan Undercover Cop series. I am unsure if that is to be another novella or full-length novel; plus possibly a final book in the series – a right-wing extremist group plots to blow up Parliament. They are financed by US extremists which is led by a demagogue President who wants to turn the UK away from Europe, repatriate persons of colour and make it a state of the USA.

There are also two other book projects – one is autobiographical dealing with my brush with the tax authorities in the UK and my musings on life at the Criminal Bar in London as a barrister. Provisional title is Bobby, Barrister, Bankrupt.

The other is a true story of an English hoaxer who conned local government out of almost £0.5 M posing as a trained police driver in order to land a highly paid job within the ambulance service.

A witness in the case described this conman as “the new Leonardo DiCaprio making an updated film of ‘Catch me if you Can.'” The witness added, “The judge and jury laughed at that one, although I got told off as well for it.”

So, there it is. Please help me if you feel able, by contacting me by email at

Thank you so much for your support.

Best Wishes

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