Authors Are Humans Too – what prompted me to write this post?

Simply this – as creatives authors often worry and fret over the quality of their writing. I’m no different. I have to confess to going through a sticky period lately when the muse, and enthusiasm, deserted me.

I had a feeling it was temporary. I was relieved to find I was correct. What happened?

Two reviews in quick succession changed my outlook completely and filled me with fresh hope. The reviews were both for my debut fiction novella Who The F*ck Am I?


These are the two reviews and I think you will understand why they filled me with a fresh impetus:

TOP 1000 REVIEWER on 2 April 2018

Steve Regan is an undercover cop. He and his partner, Red, are sent to infiltrate a large drug cartel and they soon find out that all is not as it seems. With lots of twists and turns, this book is like nothing you have read before.

The author is an ex-undercover agent and uses his experiences to write his books. This book is funny and has you wondering who the hell is who. I liken this book to the tv series The Professionals as the two main characters bounce off each other in the same way and there are a lot of high up secret squirrels going on.

This is a novella so quite short, but it really was good which, despite the title, had a 70s feel to it. I loved it and I am looking forward to reading more featuring these characters.

Well recommended.


Breakaway Reviewers received a copy of the book to review.

It’s an especially pleasing review when it comes from an Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer.
Equally as pleasing is the review below from an “ordinary reader”:

Customer Review


on 1 April 2018

Stephen Bentley is a former undercover cop and the chief protagonist of this book just happens to be… an undercover cop. So, we can pretty much accept that the author knows his subject, which shows throughout every page of this gritty, realistic account of a case undertaken by Steve Reagan and his partner, Red. The pair, looking like two aging hippies, live out of a battered old Ford Transit van, which helps to reinforce their cover as a couple of unscrupulous small time criminals with aspirations to rise through the echelons of the criminal world. They make contact with two characters, Blue, and a shady and dangerous Canadian, Bill, the man who seems to have the connections they are seeking.

Let me add that in response to a couple of reviewers who thought the book started slowly, this is a story based on the way a real life undercover operation is conducted, with painstaking attention to detail, in every way, as the lives of both cops are at stake every day. One mistake and they would very quickly end up in a cold, shallow grave, miles from anywhere. It is NOT a typical, ubiquitous US style ‘up and at em’ cops and robbers drama. This story puts the reader right there alongside Reagan and Red as they gradually worm their way into Bill’s plans. We will later discover that neither Blue nor Red are all they at first appear to be, but, no spoilers from me.

Reagan soon finds himself on the horns of a dilemma however, as the prospect of going ‘rogue’ begins to encroach on his thoughts. Could he really put aside his principals and all he has worked for as an officer of the law in exchange for the lavish riches and lifestyle offered by Bill and his ‘connections’. This dilemma is further reinforced when Red is sidelined by an accident and Reagan is left alone to deal with the drug cartel. He has good reasons for jumping either way and only by reading the book will you find out which side he chooses.

Mr. Bentley has created an ensemble of truly realistic characters, pulled together in a gritty, pulsating crime thriller that I can only describe as a good old-fashioned page turner. His writing style carries the reader along with him as the plot develops and we suddenly find ourselves careering towards a chillingly alarming and thrilling finish. This is real, thought-provoking British crime drama at its best. I actually found myself wondering just how much of the real Stephen Bentley was contained in the personality of Steve Reagan. I’m sure some of the essence of the author helped to make the character of Reagan so believable and easy to identify with. The ending came all too soon, leaving me wanting more, which is of course the mark of a good series, isn’t it? Leave them waiting for the next thrilling instalment? Well, he has succeeded in doing just I will now eagerly look forward to the next book in this thrilling and enthralling trilogy. In the meantime, I will content myself with awarding this first episode a well-deserved five stars!

Whether a Top 1000 Amazon Reviewer or “an ordinary reader,” authors are delighted to receive reviews. Reviewers aren’t paid to write a review. I, like many thousands of writers, cannot thank them enough. Reviews do help!

Now heartened and refreshed by these reviews, I can gallop on with finishing Book Two of the Steve Regan Undercover Cop Series.

If undercover cops are your thing when it come to reading, please don’t forget I wrote about the real thing:

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