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‘Author Spotlight’ is a new feature in this website. It will be linked to the Author Spotlight Facebook Page.

author spotlight

The aim of the new feature is to promote ‘indie’ authors and bring them closer to readers. Readers may discover authors and books they have never heard of previously. That has to be a ‘win-win’ for both sides.

author spotlight profile

Any self-published indie author may contact me here or through the Facebook page to be featured in the series. I hope many do. There is no charge for this. Here is how it works:

  • The author makes contact via email asking to be featured
  • Author will receive an email reply with a list of interview questions
  • Author answers the questions and fills out a short bio and supplies a profile picture
  • The author is ‘spotlighted’ and the ‘interview’ is published here

Let me say at this juncture – this feature is solely designed to supplement any other channels of exposure for indie authors and their works. It is not aiming to oust or rival any other medium.

The author spotlight feature will be limited to one per week.

In order to facilitate the administration of this new feature, there has to be a framework or ground rules. Here they are:

  1. The featured author must answer the interview questions fully and supply the short bio and photo
  2. Authors must also supply links on Amazon to his/her choice of own book
  3. Authors may not publish the interview on his/her own blog/website until 1 week after the interview first appears here
  4. Authors undertake to link back to this site’s spotlight interview when the interview is re-published on author’s own site
  5. Authors undertake to use his/her social media channels to publicize the re-published interview
  6. Authors give me expression permission to use my Amazon affiliate links to link to the book of choice
  7. Authors are requested to consider ‘Liking’ the Author Spotlight Facebook Page
  8. This site as the “publisher” (“we”) undertakes to insert links to the author’s website and book of choice on Amazon
  9. We also undertake to publicize the interview on Facebook, Google +, Pinterest and Stumble Upon.
  10. We further undertake to Tweet the interview using our Twitter account (@StephenBentley8) for a 1-week period with Tweets published 4 times a day (28 Tweets in total)
  11. We reserve the right to amend/change these rules as seen fit. Any changes will be posted on this site and the Facebook Page with 7 days notice of the impending change(s)

The featured interview will also appear on the WordPress ‘Discover’ feature in addition to the RSS feed shown on this author’s own Amazon Author page. I will also  endeavor to post it to other outlets.

Sorry about the rules because I am trying to make this feature fun. Let’s make it work – together; let’s connect authors and readers.

Please note that featuring in the Author Spotlight series will also automatically put the author’s email into the ‘Writer’s Authors & Bloggers’ list operated by this site and the sister site of Expat in Bacolod. You are free to unsubscribe at any time.

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