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Yes, it’s competition time again! How would you like to win a 3-month subscription to Audible value $45?

Sure you would!

I am a late convert to audiobooks. It is only recently I have started listening to any. They are not only convenient say when you are unable to read like when driving, but a good narrator can bring a story to life.

I know that is true because of my own audiobook soon to be released. I wrote Undercover: Operation Julie – The Inside Story, a true crime memoir of my undercover days on one of the world’s largest drug busts. I was pleased to finish writing it and pleased with sales. It became an Amazon #1 bestseller in two categories and #2 in a third.

I got together with narrator Greg Patmore, a British actor, who has produced the audiobook version of my memoir. To say I am thrilled with it is an understatement. Greg has nailed it!

Here is the retail audio sample. Just click on this link and listen

In my conversations with Greg, we discussed the approach to take to his narration. We agreed on what he said, ” It was my objective to make it appear that it was you speaking, so I didn’t try to go overboard on the characters or acting side, but still get to the heart of the honesty in the writing. The personal side of the story is really quite powerful.”

The “personal side of the story” is an overwhelming theme of most of the reviews received for my book. Readers have been fascinated by the people involved in my tale. Not just me but also one of the drug dealers in the gang I infiltrated.

I urge you to read the reviews on Amazon UK, 49 at the time of writing, and verify what I say for yourselves. There are also 21 reviews on Amazon US.

Competition Details

One winner takes all!

The prize* is a free 3-months Audible subscription value $45 and a free digital copy of two of my books. My memoir and Book One in the Steve Regan Undercover Cop Series.

steve regan undercover cop series book one
This is all you have to do:

Tell me the birthplaces of both Greg Patmore and me.

The closing date of the competition is March 31, 2018 or earlier if there is a correct answer before then. I will need an email address from the winner to arrange delivery of the prizes.

Your answers must be posted in the comments box at the foot of this post. Please do not leave an email address there but look out for the announcement of the winner here to claim your prizes.

The winner is free to choose any audiobook available at the Audible store. It’s your subscription. I would like to think you will choose mine during your subscription period.

I would also appreciate a review left on Amazon and Goodreads.


I am delighted to say Adam A won the 3-months Audible subscription. Enjoy listening, Adam.

  • Please note I cannot be held responsible if you are unable to avail the Audible services owing to your country location.
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