Well, are they? Are your books selling is a personal question to many indie authors. It is not a question often asked in public. It’s almost like asking a stranger, “Are your teeth false?”

The reason I raise the question is twofold.

One, I was recently contacted by an indie author who asked for help in marketing her book. I helped.

Two, both Zabrina and I thought it a good idea to offer an extra service as an adjunct to Hendry Publishing.

We now offer a free marketing overview for any indie author who asks for one. It covers:

  • Snapshot of the author’s book, Amazon link, Amazon author page, and social media presence.
  • Book Cover
  • Pricing
  • Reviews
  • Social Media Analysis
  • Recommendations

The author receives a copy of the report and a bespoke quotation based on the recommendations. S/he may pick and choose what, if any, steps they wish to implement.

The report costs nothing.

This is what the author wrote in response to her saying she agreed with most of the points raised in the ‘Marketing Overview’ after I queried what she didn’t agree with –

“As a matter of interest, I have difficulty finding any points that I don’t agree with in your Marketing Overview. I find it very thorough and straightforward. Thanks”

Her identity is omitted for confidentiality reasons.

Many indies do not need me or services like I offer. They combine writing and marketing skills. But many are lost when it comes to marketing. Some even feel it is below their dignity.

I have news for you. No one, repeat no one, is going to buy your book unless you shout about it. There’s a lot of good books out there and some great indie authors.

Some know how to market too!

Who Am I To Advise About Marketing?

are your books selling

That’s me! I spent almost ten years in sales and marketing sandwiched between my careers as a police officer and lawyer. I worked for blue chip companies and rose to the level of Sales Director. In more recent years I have been an affiliate marketer and manager.

Those credentials plus a track record of a successful bestselling book make me qualified to give advice. If you require an initial free consultation then contact me here sb [AT] stephenbentley.info.

Social Media Packages

We, Hendry Publishing, have also introduced a graphic design service producing images for use on social media. They are produced by my wife, Zabrina, to a high standard. The image above is an example of her work.

These are the social media packages –

  • Bronze

Contact us on the above email for more information. Why not subscribe below to keep updated with all the new developments?


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