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It was my honour and privilege to recently be awarded the gold medal of Ambassador De Literature by the founder of Motivational Strips, Shiju H. Pallithazheth.

I must also thank Brenda Mohammed for nominating me. Brenda is a co-author of Death Among Us and runs her own Facebook group How to Write For Success which is affiliated with the Motivational Strips group.

A short time ago, if someone had mentioned Motivational Strips to me, it wouldn’t have meant much. Forgive my ignorance because if you Google it, the first Google page contains nothing but references to it. That’s what I call #1 Google ranking!

It has over 4 Million visitors per month to the Facebook group with 7422 members, and has attracted writers from 105 countries.

The founder makes this claim on its website and it’s a worthy statement of aims and achievement:

World’s Most Active Writers Forum
Motivational Strips is today the world’s most active writers forum with 70% of its writer members active. Its blessed with wisdom,love and happiness. Most of the world’s too writers interact here with co-writers . It’s a research centre for literary analysis as hundreds pour daily to be evaluated in the forum. It’s flooded with wisdom writings and poems. It has been growing at jet speed with greatest viewership and writers. It started its concept as a humble Facebook page and is today the fulcrum of poetry and global literature. It has a daily impression of 140000 plus people. The forum is an ocean of the world’s most qualitative writers from 105 countries. If one wants to know how to write a book , this is the platform they shouldn’t miss. If you are a writer and if you are not part of the unification process of this forum to bring global literature under one roof, you are missing the opportunity that goes along with it . The forum periodically awards writers with unbiased Evaluation. Love and humility towards co-writers is the basic rule the forum follows. No criticism is allowed in the public wall of the Facebook page of Motivational Strips . It has today become a platform for worlds leading writers for empowerment and enhancement of precision in writing.

Below, I reproduce the group announcement regarding my achievement:

Dear Authors,
Motivational Strips is an ocean of many qualitative talents and genius from across the globe. When we say quality, it means the operation, conduct and its members .The four million visitors a month and 80 percent member activeness is a result of this effort, we all take maintaining its dignity and relevance to world literature. Many of you would be wondering why the ADL award is given after exhaustive scrutiny. It’s because being a true connoisseur of literature, one needs substantial contribution to the word art and that contribution should be touching the zenith of mass appeal. It happens when you pursue the passion of writing with a mass appeal. So here we have a detective who left his job to write detective novels. He is a modern Sherlock Holmes and has been a best seller in many occasions.

The ADL medal is a symbol of authenticity and evaluation. Various parameters are looked into before deciding the recipient for this honour. One major criteria looked upon is variation from the common writers country wise coverage. Thus after scrutinising many applications, we came across this interesting application from United Kingdom. The author is a great detective fiction writer, and one of his book is under process to become a full fledged movie. He has published many books as a contribution to world literature. This makes him an asset to Motivational Strips as well to world literature. He was recommended by Brenda Mohammed without a second thought. Thus without much ado
Motivational Strips global Administration takes happiness in conferring the much elated and sought after honour , THE MEDAL Of AMBASSADOR DE LITERATURE


Stephen Bentley (Steve Bentley)
Country: United Kingdom 🇬🇧

The merits that was evaluated for Steve(as known in facebook) is as below

✔️Asset to world literature
✔️ Writing to amuse
✔️ Global Exposure And encouraging
✔️ADL Conveners Norms Met
✔️Verifiable achievements
✔️ Researcher in thriller fiction
✔️Recommended by How To Write for Success as well Brenda Mohammed
✔️ Best Seller is Amazon
✔️Verified,Convincing and Approved by Motivational Strips to the satisfaction of its Founder

Ref: ADL Story-Award Norms

Shedding more light on the bio of Stephen Bentley, he is a former UK police Detective Sergeant, a pioneering undercover cop, and barrister (trial attorney).
He is now a freelance writer, author and occasional contributor to HuffPost UK on undercover policing.

Originally from the north of England, Stephen was raised in Liverpool before relocating to the south of England then London.
He served in two English police forces for a total of fourteen years before resigning at the culmination of Operation Julie. His resignation fuelled by both disgust at the authorities who failed to support the notion of a national drug squad and his own health issues suffered as a result of his undercover work.
Out of work, Stephen found his way into sales and sales management, eventually becoming a Sales Director for a multi-national company manufacturing plastic products for the construction industry.
That career ended abruptly through redundancy as a result of a recession in the UK’s economy in the late 1980s. Rather than face life on the dole and now in his forties, Stephen went to university in London and graduated in law. He then went on to train as a barrister at the prestigious Inns of Court School of Law, Gray’s Inn, London and was called to the Bar of England and Wales in 1997. During this period of study and training, Stephen funded himself by working at several jobs simultaneously: a London motorcycle courier, a truck delivery driver, and a hospital night porter.
He practised law, mainly criminal law, for fourteen years acting as counsel for both the defence and prosecution (though not at the same time). He appeared many times as counsel at the famous Central Criminal Court, better known as the Old Bailey, and argued cases in front of the Lord Chief Justice in the Court of Appeal.
In his sixties, Stephen chose a new direction and a new life in Asia. He now lives in the Philippines with his wife and family. It’s there he found the peace of mind to commence his writing career with his first book: a tongue-in-cheek commentary on the perils of driving in the Philippines.
His memoir ‘Undercover: Operation Julie – The Inside Story,’ published in 2016, is a frank account of his undercover detective experiences during Operation Julie – an elite group of detectives who successfully investigated one of the world’s largest drugs rings. It became an Amazon bestseller on six separate occasions. In addition, that memoir is now optioned for a feature film and plans are well-advanced with the project.
The undercover memoir is also an audiobook and is available in three languages, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese.
Stephen also writes fast-paced, plot-driven crime fiction in the Steve Regan Undercover Cop series.
He was also a 2019 winner in the SIA Murder Mystery Short Story Contest for his ‘The Rose Slayer.’ That accolade led him to organizing, compiling, and contributing to a multi-authored anthology of murder mystery short stories titled ‘Death Among Us.’
With his wife, Stephen also operates a small family imprint Hendry Publishing. It offers virtual assistant services to indie authors, as well as graphic design, editing and formatting services.
Stephen has a strong presence on social media and you may find him on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or his author website at www.stephenbentley.info where he not only promotes his own books but is also a strong supporter of fellow indie authors.
He is an author member of aLLI – the Alliance of Independent Authors.
Stephen’s books include:
Death Among Us: An Anthology of Murder Mystery Short Stories (2019)
The Steve Regan Undercover Cop Complete Collection: Original Thrillers Books 1 – 3 (2019)
Rivers of Blood: The Gripping Fast-Paced Series Finale to the Steve Regan Trilogy – Original-Concept Crime Fiction Based on a True Undercover Cop Story (Steve Regan Undercover Cop Book 3) (2019)
Dilemma: An entertaining, fast-paced crime thriller told at its natural length. All action, no filler. (Steve Regan Undercover Cop Book 2) (2018)
Who The F*ck Am I?: Undercover detective crime fiction based on a true undercover cop story – an original-concept, entertaining thriller. (Steve Regan Undercover Cop Book 1) (2017)
Undercover: Operation Julie – The Inside Story: A Gripping True Story of Britain’s Biggest Drug Bust. True Crime (2016)
Undercover: Operazione Julie – La Verità (Italian Edition) (2019)
Infiltrado: Operación Julie – el interior de la historia (Spanish Edition) (2018)
Disfarçado: Operação Julie – por dentro da história (Portuguese Edition) (2018)
How to Drive Like An Idiot In Bacolod: An Expat’s Experiences of Driving in the Philippines and How to Survive (2016)
You may find all his books at his Amazon author page: http://author.to/StephenBentley

Motivational Strips Administration

Global Headquarters
Location : Oman 🇴🇲
1, Shiju H. Pallithazheth

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US & Canada Region
1, Sabrina Young
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3, Marc Oscar
4, Anne Thrope
Media-Co Ordinator
3, Timothy Payton
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1, Robert Allen Goodrich

🇳🇬 Nigeria Office
Head – Africa Zone
1, Bose Eneduwe Adogah

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Far East Countries Zone
1, Faciol Maribel
2, Concepcion Gurieza Macuto

🇮🇩 Indonesia Office
1, Rini Valentina

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1, Lilian Woo

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2, Dawa Zangpo

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3, Destinyy Lightt Speakss
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1, Chrisoula Mitsaki
2, Andrea Le

🇬🇧 United Kingdom Office
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2, Andrew Fledgeling
3, Samantha Beardon

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1, Emna Codepi

🇵🇰 Pakistan Branch
Chief Advisor to Founder
1, Muhammad Shanazar

🇵🇪 Peru Branch
Chief Advisor to Founder
1, Carlos Hugo Garrido Chalén

🇹🇷 Turkey Office
1, Türkan Ergör

🇲🇦 Morocco Branch
North African Countries Zone
1, Houda Elfechtali

🇹🇿 Tanzania Branch
1, Sakina Shabs

🇸🇨 Seychelles Office
East African Countries Zone
1, Maggie Vijay-Kumar

🇹🇹 Trinidad & Tobago Office
Caribbean Countries Zone
1, Arjune Teeluck

🇲🇽 Mexico Office
1, Noe Basurto

🇬🇭 Ghana Office
West Africa Region
1, Waheed Musah

🇰🇿 Kazakhstan Office
Central Asian Countries Zone
Chief Advisor to Founder
1, Kairat Duissenov Parman
(Кайрат Дуйсен-Парман)
🇰🇬 Kyrgyzstan Office
1, Perizat Almazova

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