Not Jack Bauer, but Amazon’s Bauer did come to the rescue within 24 hours just like the TV series. Thank you Henry Bauer! He is Executive Customer Relations at Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). That’s how he signs himself on his emails.

I had real serious issues with my product listing – one of my books – a whole raft of reviews had disappeared and other details were just plain wrong. It was all to do with incorrect linking or un-linking between the Kindle and paperback versions. I can tell you – it was stressful as it took over a week to resolve until Jack, sorry Henry, Bauer stepped in and “owned” the problem so it was resolved within 24 hours. I could hear that clock ticking and saw the digital numerals moving just like the TV series 🙂

I wrote about the issues here recently if you wish to know the details.

Anyway, now it’s fixed and I’m delighted.

These are the email responses I had from Bauer:

First Email

Hello Stephen,
 My name is Henry Bauer with Kindle Direct Publishing Executive Customer Relations. Jeff Bezos received your email, and I’m responding on his behalf. I’m currently working with the technical team to ensure that the paperback editions are re-linked and that the page count on the eBook version is updated. I’ll reach out tomorrow, Wednesday September 19 as soon as I have additional information.


Henry Bauer

Executive Customer Relations Kindle Direct Publishing

Just like his namesake, Jack, he got to work and produced the goods within 24 hours. It may not have been saving the world from terrible disaster like the series, but it was almost as bad from my point of view as an indie author.

Second and Final Email

Hello Stephen,

The technical team has confirmed that the eBook page count has updated to match the second paperback edition. The paperback editions linked successfully, and the reviews have consolidated again. Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns about your book’s detail page.


Henry Bauer
Executive Customer Relations
Kindle Direct Publishing

My Takeaways

  1. I genuinely believe KDP has a problem with coping with certain aspects of product details in respect of ISBNs and paperbacks. Where this was second nature to CreateSpace Customer Service, I think the support staff at KDP are going through a learning curve since CS is no more.
  2. Never shy away from emailing Jeff Bezos. I only do it if I experience serious problems like on this occasion or if I have reviews unfairly and unjustly deleted.
  3. Always email back to KDP after a successful resolution to an issue. They are human after all!
  4. Never expect an explanation from Amazon or an apology. They don’t do either.

For those of you who saw the images, before and after, in my previous post, here is the product page back to normal:

amazon's bauer

Back to normal! 61 Customer Reviews, 4 formats (2 paperback editions, Kindle, and audiobook), 366 pages. All correct!

For those of you who want to know the email for Jeff Bezos. This is it

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