Master Class in Achieving Your Dreams as an author by Ken Atchity is the latest exciting course to be added to the suite of Books Go Social training courses for indie authors.


A Message For Every Author Who Wants To Sell More Books:

“Keeping your spirits up is a funny, life changing and unmissable online course. If you want to recover from writer’s block, stay on track and achieve your dreams this course is for you.

I genuinely wish this course was available when I was starting out.” – Laurence O’ Bryan

Laurence O’Bryan, Author & Online Book Marketing Expert Who Has Published Three Books Traditionally and Self Published Two Others And Has Worked With Over 3,500 Authors To Help Them Achieve Their Dreams.


Introducing: Master Class In Achieving Your Dreams

This course is NOT a content-driven course – it’s ATTITUDE driven. It’s coaching for your spirit that will help you to:

  • Make the most out of your talents
  • Keep your spirits up when the going gets tough
  • Get started and keep going
  • Get in a proper mood for getting your work done
  • Leverage your attitude, a writer’s best asset
  • Keep your ego healthy
  • Keep your psyche positive
  • Have a happy and productive creative life
  • Get ready for all the “stuff” folks can throw at you

Who is Ken Atchity?

achieving your dreams as an author


Ken Atchity is a best-selling author, writing coach and L.A. movie producer whose accomplishments include


    • Former professor of comparative literature and teacher of creative writing at Occidental College and UCLA
    • Fulbright Professor at the University of Bologna

Work History:

    • Produced nearly 30 films in the past 25 years for major studios, television broadcasters, and independent distribution.
    • His documentary special for Discovery Channel, based on the New York Times bestseller “The Kennedy Detail” by Jerry Blaine & Lisa McCubbin, was nominated for an Emmy.
    • Has worked in nearly every part of the entertainment and publishing industries
    • Nearly two dozen of his clients have been NYT Bestsellers.

He is also:

    • An author who has been on the inside of the publishing industry and knows how it works
    • An author of over 20 nonfiction books and novels
    • An experienced writing coach helped literally hundreds of writers find a market for their work by bringing their craft and technique to the level of their ambition and vision



  • He was a book columnist for The Los Angeles Times Book Review
  • He is the founder and co-editor of DreamWorks: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Dreams and the Arts
  • He has a sound track record in the creative industries, from motion picture and television production to literary management to all aspects of branding, from launch to positioning


This is why keeping your spirits up during the writing process is so important:

What good is knowledge or technique if your spirits are down and you can’t get started, or keep going?”Writer’s block,” said Norman Mailer, “is a failure of the ego.”


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