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I write true crime and crime fiction. Before that in my previous lives I was a UK Detective Sergeant, pioneering undercover cop, barrister, and many other things too which you can read in my bio below.

I guess you could say I go on reinventing myself through necessity and refusal to ever quit during the stormy times.

As for my writing, I believe readers think of my books like Marmite in that they either love or hate my books.

Serendipity (one of my favourite words) dictates most readers love my books, thank goodness.


Born in Accrington, Lancashire but raised in Huyton, Liverpool from infancy. I consider myself a Scouser endorsed by a good friend’s docker father who considered me an honorary member of the ‘Brotherhood of Scousehood.’ I still love Liverpool even though I haven’t been there for a few years. The eagle-eyed amongst you may have spotted the image of Liverpool’s Liver Buildings to the right of this text. It is displayed in full below.

I was educated at Prescot Grammar School, Merseyside, England leaving school at 17 years, and returned to education in 1993 at the now London Metropolitan University and was awarded a law degree LLB (2:1 Honours).

My police service was in both the Lancashire and Hampshire forces from 1966 to 1980 when I resigned with the rank of Detective Sergeant.

Between 1980 and 1993, I worked in a variety of jobs as a sales manager, truck driver and instructor. While reading law full time between 1993 and 1996 I also worked as a hospital night security porter, a London motorcycle courier and chilled food delivery driver to fund my studies.

From 1996 to 1997 I qualified as a barrister at the famous Inns of Court School of Law, London. From 1997 to 2011 I practised law as a criminal barrister defending in cases of murder, rape, sexual assault, robbery, firearms possession and supplying drugs including cases at the famous Old Bailey and the Court of Appeal (Criminal Division).


From 2013, I travelled in South East Asia including Thailand, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and the Philippines. I also spent some time in Australia riding a Harley motorcycle. I have chosen to make the Philippines my permanent home with my partner, now wife, Zabrina.

Amazon Best Seller


Ever wondered about the life of an undercover cop? 

What it takes to infiltrate a worldwide drugs gang? 

What it feels like to live a double life? – to ‘live a lie.’ 

Read this gripping true story of Britain’s biggest drug bust.

Now adapted and in development as a feature film.



‘Undercover Operation Julie – The Inside Story,’ documents everyday life of undercover work as the author, Stephen Bentley, won the confidence of the gang members. Bentley tells in his book how he built a “perfect” relationship with Smiles, an important gang member. But this friendship almost undermined the whole operation.

– Dominic Blake, BBC News England, October 2, 2016.

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