Here is the 30 second ‘mini-movie’ book promo trailer for Undercover: Operation Julie – The Inside Story. I hope you like it, and even more, I hope you buy my book 🙂

One of the tasks of a self-published indie author like me, is to not only write the book, but market it. Part of that involves seeking out advanced review copy (ARC) reviewers to give honest reviews of the book on Amazon and other places.

Reviews are the life blood of authors. They can make or break sales of a book no matter how good a read it is. Please consider leaving a review of my book on Amazon after you have read it.

Two of my ARC reviewers have given me feedback. These comments are not necessarily what will be in the review when published. Yet, they are encouraging. The reviewers remain anonymous as it would not be fair on them to reveal their identities at this stage.

Reviewer A

Overall – I love this book. When it is published, I would love to buy a copy for my personal library. It’s a good, down to earth look not just at going undercover back then, but an unglossed look at drugs and yourself. I think, had you tried to sugar coat yourself more, or tried to only show your best angles, I would not have liked it as much. Being so honest with yourself, for me, increases your credibility in regard to the other subjects. It makes you feel more…human? Not sure of the right word there. You aren’t preaching. You aren’t taking a holier than thou stance (which I absolutely hate, and had you I would have stopped reading … ). 

I’m glad you deal head on with the drug issue. Not a flat out, don’t do drugs they’re bad! Sometimes coupled with here’s what they look like, here’s what they’re called. I have had pot, and I will probably never smoke it again …

Reviewer B

Just a note to let you know I started reading the pdf of your book when I received it and have
now finished it, and found it a very, very good book. I will be putting together a review over the next
week or so as I let it all percolate through my brain but I can tell you it will be a good
4 star review! It’s very readable and the strength of your personality comes across very strongly.

It’s also fascinating as- bar the execrable ‘Busted’ -it’s the only account yet from someone
‘on the ground’ in Op Julie. Your candour and frankness about how what you thought about
Smiles and others was refreshing and I have enormous respect for anyone who
can do undercover work at all, never mind in those days when you had no training etc.-

Read it, you won’t be disappointed!

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