Where has it Gone?

Where has it Gone?

I am talking about Undercover: Operation Julie – The Inside Story, my undercover cop memoir.

Until recently, no one would have reason to ask, ‘where has it gone?’ because it was for sale at all Amazon Kindle stores along with the two paperback editions (regular and large print) plus the hardcover edition.

No longer and I’ll explain why.

The publication date for the Ebury (Penguin Random House UK) edition is getting closer and as part of my contract, I was asked to take down my self-published editions in markets/territories where Ebury now hold exclusive publication rights.

Effectively that means the original self- published editions are only available in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan and certain other countries. You can click the link in the title above to see if it’s for sale in your country’s Kindle store.

Ebury now holds the exclusive publication rights for the UK, Europe, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and certain other countries.

You can view my Penguin Books UK entry here.

As part of the changes, you will now see a new cover for the Kindle version in the USA, Canada, Mexico and Japan Kindle stores. That’s it below.where has it goneThe changes to the print editions will take some time to filter through.The Ebury print edition is on preorder right now on Amazon UK and I will show you the new Ebury cover as soon as I have news on it.Bottom line is that my undercover memoir hasn’t gone away at all. It’s metamorphosing.

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